Vision and Goals



Joplin will set the standard for disaster recovery by demonstrating to America its can-do attitude. We will be recognized as a city that encourages green alternatives and healthy lifestyles. Through faith and hard work, we will be known for our vibrant business community, our commitment to innovative education and neighborhoods that meet the needs of all our citizens.


Economic Development

  • Assure stability of existing employment base and enhance the base with new, quality job opportunities.
  • Expand availability of workforce and enhance workforce skills.
  • Develop, promote and support opportunities to develop major, mixed use, anchor projects to accelerate rebuilding in key areas. 
  • Enhance and expand the resources and incentives available to support the growth/retention of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses.
  • Designate key commercial corridors to allow for consistent business development in areas other than Range Line Road and 32nd Street.  This designation would include the following:
    • 20th Street : Duquesne Road to Shifferdecker
    • South Main: 20th Street to 50th Street
    • 26th Street: Main Street to Maiden Lane
    • Connecticut: 20th Street to 32nd Street
  • Within the corridors in question, code restrictions and minimum design standards should be incorporated to:
    • Allow for mixed use development
    • Require sufficient depth from the corridor street to allow for quality development (at least one block)
    • Encourage consistency of construction materials and appearance
    • Require a higher level of landscaping around buildings and parking lots than currently exists

 Schools + Community Facilities

  • Develop a 21st Century Learning environment that is flexible and innovative.
  • Encourage sharing of schools and community facilities.
  • More facilities to have special events, community gatherings and arts and cultural opportunities.

Housing + Neighborhoods

  • Encourage sustainable, energy efficient building techniques.
  • Rebuild affordable housing and low-to medium- scale in mix use neighborhoods.
  • Ensure adequate and properly placed high-density, multi-family developments.
  • Encourage citizens to improve their level of renters and homeowners insurance.
  • Identify new strategies for enforcing the existing housing and nuisance codes.

Infrastructure + Environment

  • Effective transportation system that incorporates multi-modal forms, with emphasis upon bike and pedestrian use, along with expanded public transportation services.
  • Educate public on issues and economic feasibility for underground utilities and telecommunication resources.
  • Create a community mind-set that values environmental sustainability through such efforts as recycling, reforestation, and water management.
  • Link different types of parks and natural areas which encourage recreational opportunities.
  • In neighborhoods that are rebuilding, ensure residents have access to an open space.
  • Provide connectivity in neighborhoods to schools, parks, community facilities and retail establishments.
  • In rebuilding neighborhoods, build sidewalks and/or pathways along roadways within radius of all of schools and parks.