Who is leading this effort?


Jane Cage has stepped forward as our Chairman.  A few things you might want to know about Jane…

  • Joplin citizen since 1978
  • Partner/COO at Heartland Technology Solutions in downtown Joplin established in 1985 as Connecting Point
  • Past Chairman Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Past President Joplin Rotary, Past Chairman St. John’s Board of Directors, Past President Joplin Family Y
  • Lives in Roanoke portion of Joplin, Member of First Presbyterian Church

When asked why she has taken on this role:  

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Joplin as all of us navigate our way in unfamiliar territory.  Just like all of you, Joplin is dear to me.  I am committed to help in any way that I can.”

What is Jane’s vision?

“The damage done by the tornado has afforded us a unique “opportunity” to re-imagine Joplin as we want it to be.  All of us have ideas about how we can rebuild Joplin to be stronger and better.  Our responsibility on the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team is to listen to as many citizens as we can and to be your advocates for the recovery plan.  Every one of you has an idea that we can use.  Please pass those along as we meet with you in  community meetings, through our website and on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/JoplinAreaCART.  Our mission is to be certain that we further the implementation of the recovery plan developed by the CART.  Make your voice heard at this important time in our history.”