What is a Master Developer?

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An Explanation

What is a master developer and why might Joplin need one?

A Master Developer IS:

  • Someone who has dealt with large scale projects in the past (although our community will be a larger project than most).
  • A partner with the capability to conduct the feasibility studies necessary to determine the market need and success of any project the city proposes.
  • An entity that will bring resources in planning, development, finance and public-private partnerships to create a detailed redevelopment plan to facilitate and implement projects.
  • A group that can develop some anchor projects in the devastated area that will be anchors for further development.
  • A firm that will have a contractual agreement with the City of Joplin that will be performance based with guarantees to protect the community and its funding.

A Master Developer IS NOT:

  • A master builder that will bring all of their own resources at the expense of local contractors and builders.  The community will expect that a Master Development agreement will include local businesses.
  • A single person.  No one person has the experience or knowledge to succeed.
  • Someone who will dictate our future after an agreement is signed.  The community will always be in charge of its own recovery.


Partnering with a master developer is just one piece of the recovery effort.



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