CART Report Card Released

“Listening to Joplin–Next Steps” was presented January 19, 2013 to a joint meeting of the Joplin City Council, the Duquesne Board of Aldermen, The Joplin School Board, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Board and the CART Board. The report listed out projects and responsibilities that we envisioned would help us accomplish the recovery plan […] read more

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Congratulations Jane Cage

SECRETARY NAPOLITANO ANNOUNCES RECIPIENTS OF THE 2012 RICK RESCORLA NATIONAL AWARD FOR RESILIENCE WASHINGTON— Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today announced that Jane Cage, Chair of the Citizens Advisory Recovery Team (CART) in Joplin Mo., and the citizens of Joplin have been awarded the Rick Rescorla National Award for Resilience, recognizing their contributions in […] read more

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We need your input about tornado memorial

HOW SHOULD WE REMEMBER THE TORNADO? JANE CAGE, CART CHAIRMAN When I look back at the hundreds and hundreds of suggestions made by Joplin citizens after the tornado, there is one item that received overwhelming support – a memorial to victims of the tornado.  Early on, this was a difficult subject to address because of […] read more

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Wallace Bajjali chosen as Master Developer for City of Joplin

The Joplin City Council accepted the recommendation from CART and moved to sign a letter of intent with Wallace Bajjali Development Partners.  Read the Wallace Bajjali presentation materials here. read more

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What is a Master Developer?

Click here to download this document An Explanation What is a master developer and why might Joplin need one? A Master Developer IS: Someone who has dealt with large scale projects in the past (although our community will be a larger project than most). A partner with the capability to conduct the feasibility studies necessary […] read more

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The Importantance of Home Owner’s and Renter’s Insurance

Since 2001, homeowners insurers in Missouri have been more selective about which business they will renew and the new policyholders they will accept. Consumers report increasing difficulty in obtaining new coverage, particularly if they have filed a claim in the past three years. This page provides consumers with more assistance as they try to find […] read more

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THE CART Master Developer Review Team Recommends WALLACE BAJJALI

Click here to download this document. The CART MDRT reviewed the six applications the city received in response to its request for a Master Developer. We chose four for personal interviews. After serious consideration, we chose Wallace Bajjali, based in Sugar Land, Texas to recommend to the City Council as our choice for Master Developer. […] read more

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The CART Next Steps…Read Here

Read the CART Next Steps Here. read more

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Read Comments from the July 12th Public Input Session read more

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January 19 – CART to present long-range recovery action plan to community leaders in historic meeting

The citizens have spoken, and on Thursday, January 19, community leaders will listen to a summary of their ideas as they come together in an historic meeting that could lay the groundwork for the future of the area. The Joplin City Council, the Joplin Schools Board of Education, the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, and […] read more

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